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  1. I think it would be better to show an example of menu prices, not just the prices you have paid as this would give a better overview. I also think the restaurants you survey, are out of reach for most readers as where you think prices are reasonable, I think they are expensive & poor value for money. The food restaurants appear to serve now, have cheap cuts of meat, for example pork belly & offal, and charging high prices. These restaurants & chefs must be laughing all the way to the bank!. Come on, we want decent food for a decent price!

    1. From Anonymous 9 Feb 2015: I agree with reader Sandie Reed (issue 21 Feb 2015), in that I made a mistake in not "coming out in the open" with my name, when commenting about high menu prices etc. in your column which was printed in issue 14 Feb 2015, I am also pleased Sandie is of the same opinion as me. Therefore, I stand by what I stated & my name is now revealed!

  2. Just wondering what happened to your column in the Saturday Journal?
    The only time I bought the Journal was on a Saturday and for your weekly review along with the rest of the food section. It's a big miss, will you becoming back to the Journal?


    Chris Stafford