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  1. I think it would be better to show an example of menu prices, not just the prices you have paid as this would give a better overview. I also think the restaurants you survey, are out of reach for most readers as where you think prices are reasonable, I think they are expensive & poor value for money. The food restaurants appear to serve now, have cheap cuts of meat, for example pork belly & offal, and charging high prices. These restaurants & chefs must be laughing all the way to the bank!. Come on, we want decent food for a decent price!

    1. From Anonymous 9 Feb 2015: I agree with reader Sandie Reed (issue 21 Feb 2015), in that I made a mistake in not "coming out in the open" with my name, when commenting about high menu prices etc. in your column which was printed in issue 14 Feb 2015, I am also pleased Sandie is of the same opinion as me. Therefore, I stand by what I stated & my name is now revealed!

  2. Just wondering what happened to your column in the Saturday Journal?
    The only time I bought the Journal was on a Saturday and for your weekly review along with the rest of the food section. It's a big miss, will you becoming back to the Journal?


    Chris Stafford

  3. May I suggest you get along to the Traveller's Rest in Witton Gilbert, Co. Durham, where there is a new management team including the head chef, Ruari MacKay (formerly Garden House Inn, Durham city). MacKay's food (recommended at your instigation by no less than Jay Rayner) is as belting as ever and they are coming up with amazing deals too. I ate there recently with two friends who both enjoyed the '2 courses for £12' lunch specials while I had one of MacKay's signature dishes, the monkfish with nduja. It was all high quality and delicious with the imaginative quirks one would expect. Full disclosure: Ruari MacKay is my nephew.